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Clarify Your Why

2-Workshop Series

​Equip yourself to authentically verbalize why DEI matters
and identify how to incorporate it within your own work.

Detailed Description 

Clarify Your Why: A Contemplative and Empowering DEI Commitment Exercise

You know diversity, equity, and inclusion are important. But how does it apply to YOU? And how do you find the right words to articulate its importance to others – especially those who challenge its value?

This session will guide you to articulate the meaning and significance of DEI in your own words. In this exercise, you will:

•    Examine the DEI business case for compelling data 
•    Discover how your own personal journey is rich with insights about why DEI matters
•    Connect the dots between abstract DEI concepts and real-life application
•    Equip yourself to authentically verbalize why DEI matters 

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