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Inspire Action

​Our thought-provoking, interactive, and engaging workshops and presentations will not only leave you feeling inspired  - they'll equip you to make a difference.

You'll take away new insights and applicable tools

you can use immediately.

Mindset is Powerful

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Signature Keynotes

Empower + Energize

Counteract disruption and divisiveness with these four factors that strengthen company culture and help your people thrive.  

Harness Your Power

Understand, elevate, and leverage your unique sources of power to lead good change - in the DEI movement and beyond.

The Cultural CORE

This engaging and enlightening session explores the incredible value - and power - of Employee Resource Groups. 

The Power of RENEWAL

Review the nature, impact, and risk of burnout...and build a plan to protect yourself.

We Speak Everywhere

ERG Summits
Association Meetings
Teambuilding Events

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Learning Experiences

The Power of GROWTH

Explore the neuroscience of bias and the power we all have to recognize, interrupt, and mitigate its impact.

Culture by Design

Tangible solutions for teams to build higher performing cultures through psychological safety, trust, and open communication.


Your Why

This guided experience equips team members to reflect on, clarify, and authentically share their personal connection to diversity, equity, and inclusion.



A powerful game that transports participants into a hypothetical future where they explore the impact of privilege on another planet.

Can't We

Be Civil?

In these polarizing times, build your team's psychological safety with communication tools that center respect, kindness, and courtesy.

The Power of Values

Are your values real? Articulate and activate the behaviors, practices, and protocols that bring your values to life in this highly interactive session.

Empower Your Future

This motivating workshop helps attendees build a plan to reignite ambitions and drive career growth (great for ERGs or leadership cohorts!). 


Power Mapping

This one is for change leaders. Recognize, Influence, Structure, and Elevate power as you give yourself every advantage to make a meaningful impact. 

ERG Empowerment

Invest in ERGs as you develop your future leaders. We offer keynotes, development programs and tools to boost strategic ERG effectiveness. 


and Renewal

Explore our topics around burnout prevention and energy recovery. We have tools, techniques, and creative options to revitalize your team.

Requesting Angela Cooper to share with us was a WIN!

It was a thought-provoking experience that helped attendees make a pledge for action.

—Evelyn Boswell, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

National Association of Insurance Commissioners

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