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Move Forward

Our services help forward-thinking companies transform their cultures and empower their people to accelerate progress toward their purpose.


Through our uniquely engaging offerings, we help people generate new insights that shift thinking, drive behaviors and lead to better business results.


The Power of GROWTH

90-Minute Empowerment Lab

Neuropsychologists tell us that as humans, bias is implicit in the way all of us think and learn…and the nature of unconscious bias is that we don’t know we have it. If denied, ignored, or left unchecked, bias can negatively influence every decision we make and every interaction we have. Participants in this workshop will learn about the neuroscience of bias and apply our GROWTH framework to help them recognize, interrupt, and mitigate the impact of unconscious bias.


The Power of RENEWAL

1-Hour Keynote Presentation 

8-Hour Resilience-Building Session, or customized Empowerment Lab

Burning out? The past few years have taken a toll in a multitude of ways, and this resilience-building session, offered as a power-packed 1-hour keynote or a more in-depth 8-hour workshop, covers the insidious nature of burnout, the neuroscience of stress, and the mindset-shifts, habits, and practices people need to renew their ongoing energy. This content can be tailored to meet the needs of the team and several related Empowerment Labs are available.

Workshop participants will leverage our signature RENEWAL model to build a personal resilience plan.


Harness Your Power

1-Hour Keynote Presentation

What is power, and how do we use it for good?


In this keynote presentation, participants will discover how to reveal hidden power dynamics and empower themselves to lead positive

change. This is a mindset-shifting conversation that equips the audience to gain clarity around

the true nature of power and understand how they can use their own inherent power to elevate their impact.


Clarify Your Why

Empowerment Lab

(2 Sessions)

If your DEI efforts have hit a plateau, perhaps it's time to examine the thought processes that could be holding you back. 


This workshop series guides participants through a personal reflection exercise that enables them to articulate the meaning and significance of DEI -  in their own words.  They will be equipped to vocalize the clear value of DEI, their personal commitment to it, and the ways it can be applied through their work to bring their organizational purpose to life. 

DEI and Culture Strategy

We offer advising and thought partnership, as well as customizable strategy maps to help you architect, activate, and align culture-shaping and DEI transformational change. 


"Angela's engaging facilitation style sparks insights that lead to individual behavior change and collective impact. The content is always relevant and something you incorporate immediately."

—Michael Gonzales, NE&E DE&I Consulting

& co-founder of National DE&I Consortium 

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