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The Power of RENEWAL

Protect yourself from burnout and sustain your energy for what matters most.

*This framework is highly relevant and adaptable for all audiences. It can be delivered in a flexible format customized to your needs. 
1-Hour Keynote 
Full-Day Resilience Retreat
8-week Cohort Experience 
90-minute Empowerment Lab


The past few years have taken a toll, and a growing body of research confirms what we already know deep down: that if we don’t manage our chronic stress, it can damage our health, disrupt our lives, and even threaten our longevity. 

The good news is that there are insights, tools, and learned behaviors we can use to unwind the unhealthy habits that are burning us out. Even in the midst of societal inequities, big life changes and heavy workloads, it is possible to cultivate the energy for purpose-centered and joy-filled lives. 


Our RENEWAL model empowers participants to learn:

  • Important truths about the insidious nature of burnout, and the risk factors that can't be ignored

  • Why a simple mindset shift can lead to an abundance of energy

  • How rejecting perfectionism can have a radical impact

  • Daily habits, practices and techniques that can be used right away to renew energy and boost resilience

  • A framework you can use to revitalize your energy and build a customized plan to sustain yourself*


*Personal resilience plans included for full-day or 8-week session participants 

I use the tools I learned DAILY.  I have witnessed myself protect my energy in moments that previously sent me into a burnout tailspin--it is so evident, that those closest to me have noticed. 
The Power of Renewal has truly changed my life

at work and home. Thank you Angela! 


This fun and impactful experience is designed to help participants renew and strategically protect their energy for what's most important, and sustain momentum toward their team's larger purpose. Make a real investment in your team this year with a meaningful gift to boost their joy, connection, and energy.

For Teams
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Need A Bit of Burnout Support Right Now?

We've curated a powerful list of resilience-building affirmations 

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