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The IDEAL Solution

Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Accountability. Leadership.

A new DEI solution has arrived. This multifaceted approach combines foundational new hire education with all-employee dialogues, manager tools, and strategic leadership support, ensuring accountability and sustained commitment for an IDEAL workplace culture.

The journey toward creating a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace often begins with employee training. While one-time training has been widely accessible, the truth is that it doesn't result in enduring change. With your commitment to real progress, you need a better solution to sustain DEI engagement and momentum. Mindpower Strategic’s IDEAL approach has been intentionally designed to support your ongoing DEI journey and help you stay at the leading edge of growth.

IDEAL Strategic Advising

For Senior Leaders

The IDEAL package comes with a FREE BONUS advising session to support key senior leaders in assessing and enhancing your overarching DEI strategy. This targeted, streamlined session provides valuable insights and recommendations to drive meaningful change.


IDEAL Foundations

For New Hires

This foundational learning experience is tailored for newly hired employees, providing essential knowledge and skills to establish a solid understanding of DEI principles.


IDEAL Dialogues

For the Entire Workforce

Building upon groundwork laid in IDEAL Foundations, these sessions delve into specialized topics relevant to the organization’s DEI priorities and goals.


IDEAL Manager Circles

For Managers

Designed to foster deeper understanding and application of DEI principles among managers, these discussion circles provide a platform for managers to connect, reinforce DEI principles, and foster accountability within their teams.

The IDEAL Solution

While any of these items (IDEAL Foundations, IDEAL Dialogues, or IDEAL Circles) can be offered as a standalone, booking all three as the IDEAL Solution will provide the most comprehensive and sustainable support, and will unlock the free IDEAL Advising session with Senior Leaders (a $2,500 value)!

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