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The Power of GROWTH

90-minute Workshop

Understand the neuroscience of bias and the power we all have to recognize, interrupt, and mitigate its impact.

Detailed Description

Are you biased? Science says, “Undeniably yes”.

Are you consciously aware of your biases? Not likely.

Neuropsychologists tell us that as humans, bias is implicit in the way all of us think and learn…and the nature of unconscious bias is that we don’t know we have it. If denied, ignored, or left unchecked, bias can negatively influence every decision we make and every interaction we have. Its subtle impact is insidious, and it can have devastating effects.


The good news is that once we understand unconscious bias, we can start to diffuse it. In this session, you will learn:

  • Key concepts and modern terminology to help you navigate your diversity, equity, and inclusion journey

  • Scientific research to elevate your understanding of how bias works in the human brain

  • A powerful framework for recognizing, interrupting, and outsmarting bias

  • Tools, techniques, and practices to grow your own inclusive competence and support others around you

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