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Empower Your Culture

Counteract disruption and build connection.

Your organizational culture is a powerful, invisible force that drives
(or disrupts!) everything you do. It's a shared mindset - a set of values and beliefs that affect decisions, behaviors, and results.

We work with organizations to strategically shape cultures that empower and energize people. Our M-PWR Culture model is designed to activate the full potential of your workforce and enhance team performance in alignment with your mission, vision, and values.

Every organization has a culture.
Is yours a competitive advantage?

Our Culture-Shaping Program: 

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Culture matters, now more than ever. Neglecting organizational culture can unintentionally breed toxicity...putting productivity, reputation, and even revenue at risk. In contrast, shaping a healthy and empowering culture is good for people in a deeply meaningful way, unlocking their full potential.


M-PWR Culture is a comprehensive culture-shaping program designed to transform and enhance organizational culture. It focuses on creating a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, well-being, and engagement, empowering everyone to achieve better outcomes and positioning the organization for long-term success in a rapidly changing world.


The M-PWR Culture program leverages four key factors to strengthen cultural health:


M - Mindset: What do we believe? (Align around purpose) - The program enhances strategic alignment by helping individuals find their own connection to the true meaning of the mission.


P - Power: How do we act? (Make values real) - Organizational values are translated into real, impactful behaviors - ensuring that cultural aspirations come to life in everyday actions and choices.


W - Workplace: Who do we trust? (Shape team dynamics) - Teams engage in collaborative activities that promote connection, communication, and psychological safety. Together, they design inclusive agreements, habits, and systems that anchor team health.


R - Renewal: How can we thrive? (Protect energy & prevent burnout) - Individuals are invited to reflect on their own personal levels of resilience and well-being. They are empowered with practical energy management tools and make focused plans to sustain their energy for what matters most.


These four factors combined produce a powerful formula that organizations can use to create a culture-shaping strategy unique to their environment.

Looking for a keynote or workshop on healthy culture? Explore our offerings below.

Culture-Focused Favorites

Empower + Energize

Counteract disruption and divisiveness with these four factors that strengthen company culture and help your people thrive.  


Your Power

Understand, elevate, and leverage your unique sources of power to lead change in the DEI movement and beyond.

The Power of Values

Engage your team in translating your 

organization's values into real behaviors that guide their everyday choices.

Can't We

Be Civil?

In these polarizing times, build your team's psychological safety with communication tools that center respect, kindness, and courtesy.

Burnout and Renewal

Review the nature, impact, and risk of burnout...and build a plan to protect yourself.

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